The art of story-telling is as old as man himself. Indeed, it is said that all human beings have an innate need to hear and tell stories; to have stories that we can live by; to find those words and images that capture our imagination, influence our behaviour and mould our values.


Media Fusion believes in the power of stories. Our Appu series of books, animation, audio and video CDs and DVDs for children are carefully crafted to delight, captivate, inspire, encourage and challenge the young learner.


These beautifully illustrated and charmingly narrated work bring to life stories from all over the world. After all, what better way to share our rich culture than respecting and learning from the stories that are integral to that culture?


Titles in our catalogue include bilingual story books, activity books and picture books. We also bring to you edutainment CDs which educate and entertain. Our multimedia approach to learning encourages the child’s comprehension, vocabulary and numerical skills, especially at the beginner’s level.


Given that language is an important reflection of society, and an important stage of learning in a child, many of our products are bilingual and in languages that the child is comfortable with.


The Appu Series has a wealth of content for kids that not only helps them learn about the world around them, but also helps in better retention of these lessons by mixing learning with multimedia entertainment.