Appu Series believes that a child should have fun while he learns!  We have a wealth of content for kids that not
only help them learn about the world around them, but also help in better retention of these lessons by combining
learning with multimedia entertainment. We have a variety of categories below for you to choose from.


 * Story Books                              * Nursery Rhymes                         * Fairy Tales                               * I Love Rhymes
 * Picture Books                           * Favourite Tales                          * Jataka Tales                             * Rhymes Corner
 * Activity Books                           * Learning Series                         * Panchatantra Tales                  * Joyful Rhymes


* ANIMATED RHYMES: Nursery Rhymes, Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics, Nursery Rhymes with Sing Along, Nursery Rhymes with Lyrics & Sing AlongRhymes for Learning English

* ANIMATED STORIES: Akbar & Birbal Tales, Tenali Raman Tales, Fairy TalesJataka TalesArabian Nights
Aesops TalesTraditional TalesHitopadesha Tales
Panchatantra Tales,

* LEARNING SERIES: Learn ABC, Learn 123, Learn Shapes & Colour, Learn Multiplication TablesAnimal Sounds,
Learn About AnimalsLearn About Body PartsPicture DictionaryLearn About Fruits & VegetablesMaths Machine,
Learn About PlantsLearn About Planet EarthFlash CardsEnglish Grammar BasicsAll About Public Places
Learn Science through Home ExperimentsLearn to Draw AnimalsLearn Fractions, How Human Body Works,
Learn to Draw FlowersMaths Grade 1Maths Grade 2Learn About People


* DO IT YOURSELF (DIY): Arts & CraftsTip of the DayKirigamiNapkin FoldingFace PaintingBalloon Sculpting


* FUN SERIES: Trick of the DayTongue TwistersOne Word A DayFun Facts


* PUZZLES: Matchstick PuzzlesTry a PuzzleRiddles


* SPIRITUAL: Going to the TempleRamayana, Bhagavad Gita, Shirdi Sai Baba, Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha,
Lord GaneshaLord Krishna, Lord Hanuman


TALKING BOOKS               SHORT STORIES               YOGA FOR KIDS                TIME PASS